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 "The point at which an image, or complex of images, ceases to be a 'personal fiction' and acquires a life of its own , a truth bigger than self. An unmistakable development, recognisable among other things for the new ' perspective' it gives to the 'self' that was living with them. A way of seeing and responding to the world around me". Athol Fugard

New Perspectives began in 1973 with a clear objective: to bring an urgent story to a new audience. The company's first production was a devised show about David Oluwale, a homeless Nigerian man killed in British police custody in the 1960s. Created using evidence from the trial and police records, the play toured to schools and encouraged young audiences to explore opposing points of view and participate in the action. Today we are a leading touring theatre company based in the East Midlands, making new work for a wide range of audiences and spaces. Whatever the project, our core purpose harks back to that first production - to bring people something they don't expect, to provoke thought and to excite imaginations.

Through our programme of work we offer:

A Rural Perspective: making work with themes and ideas that resonate with rural communities, whilst exploring new forms of rural theatre through active research.

A Wider Perspective: bringing audiences into contact with great international art and ideas, creating a global programme of work that reshapes the rural repertoire

A New Perspective: offering audiences exposure to new voices, through work by cutting edge new talent or through contemporary takes on existing work

Our productions are scalable, made to fit into unlikely spaces and to embrace the distinct character of each new environment. The scale and ambition of our productions have brought us widespread critical acclaim and taken us to some of the major theatres in the UK and beyond. Yet wherever we find ourselves, our rural core gives everything we do a strong sense of intimacy and occasion.

We look forward to seeing you on tour!

"New Perspectives has taken on an exciting challenge that proves rural touring companies can produce provocative work of national and international significance"


New Perspectives is an East Midlands based national touring theatre company, specialising in creating dynamic performances for rural audiences. We make ambitious and original theatre, focusing on new writing, adaptations and revivals, which we present in community settings and venues nationally and internationally. We provide career defining training and mentoring opportunities for emerging regional talent and manage the rural touring scheme Northants Touring Arts . 

One of the many things we do is to turn village halls into professional theatre spaces.

Whether you’re a theatre lover, rural champion, or believe in widespread access to the arts then please help us make our work. Like every actor on stage, or each word on the page, every donor plays a vital role, your support can make a real difference... Find out more

New Productions

IN 2016
David Rudkin adapts M R James' classic ghost story

IN 2017
new adaptation of family favourite picture book
Aki Kaurismaki's enigmatic comic fable
THE MAN WITHOUT A PAST adapted for stage by Jack McNamara



Coinciding with NEAT16, in our second edition zine we ask What is theatre? We invite you to join the conversation by tweeting a word or sentence to @nptheatre

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We make theatre accessible to communities nationwide because we think #culturematters