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New Perspectives to represent some of the best arts practice in the world

27 June 2017

New Perspectives has been awarded £302,745 for each year 2018-2022 as part of an agreement that sees the company remain part of a national portfolio representing some of the best arts practice in the world. Thanks to continued support from Arts Council England announced today New Perspectives will continue to:

- Create a diverse brand of live theatre that is nationally and internationally recognised as challenging, original and unafraid to take bold creative risks

- Empower artists and theatre makers across the region with knowledge, skills and increasing networks through the development of small-scale and rural touring theatre

- Engage regional audiences by widening access to high quality live performance regardless of age, social class, ethnicity, gender, disability or geographic location

Peter Knott, Area Director, Arts Council England said, "We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy art and culture where they live and New Perspectives produces and tours great theatre to rural communities across the East Midlands and beyond. We're delighted to be supporting them to continue to commission new work and develop projects with diverse artists and themes over the next four years".

On the announcement Artistic Director Jack McNamara said, "We produce a challenging, mixed programme of theatre, and it is a credit to ACE that they continue to support work that takes risks. At a time of such political uncertainty, it is heartening that dynamic arts across the nation is still being championed and nurtured".

Executive Director Sally Anne Tye added, "Continued Arts Council England support will help us to grow stronger and with renewed confidence reach out and engage with partners and audiences in equal measure, broadening both access and opportunities as both a regional advocate and rural champion through our extraordinary programme of work".

Amanda Farr, Chair of Trustees concluded, "I am delighted the hard work and dedication of New Perspectives has been rewarded with a further 4 years funding. We will work hard to continue to produce innovative, exciting and diverse drama projects in the East Midlands, showcasing to local, national and international audiences. Increasing access to our work will remain a priority".


New Perspectives is an East Midlands based national touring theatre company, with a specialty in creating dynamic performances for rural audiences. We make ambitious and original theatre, focusing on new writing, adaptations and revivals, which we present in community settings and venues nationally and internationally. We provide career defining training and mentoring opportunities for emerging regional talent and manage the rural touring scheme Northants Touring Arts . 

One of the many things we do is to turn village halls into professional theatre spaces.

Whether you’re a theatre lover, rural champion, or believe in widespread access to the arts then please help us make our work. Like every actor on stage, or each word on the page, every donor plays a vital role, your support can make a real difference... Find out more

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We make theatre accessible to communities nationwide because we think #culturematters