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The Man Without A Past

A Man Without A Past is recommended for audiences aged 12yrs+. Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents - it's creative, valuable and accessible.. If you are working towards an Arts Award and aged 12yrs+ you may chose to review this production.

Here are some tips of what you might choose to include in a review:

Take note on what is you are reviewing and do some preliminary research to help put the piece in context, why is it being produced, who it is aimed at etc as this may help your writing later. At the performance itself write down notes to remind you of what you have seen, including particular details you can highlight in your review. You need to relay what the experience was like, quality of writing, performance, design, how did it make you feel? You should also consider audience make-up, their reactions and the atmostphere in the venue.

Key points are worth focusing on. You might like a particular performance, design element, soundrack/effect or lighting. Think about what readers will benefit from learning from through your review – what you say may influence whether they see it or not!

Your viewpoint is really important – don’t be afraid to say what you really think; researching about the piece before you see it will be helpful but your review should focus on the performance you see.
Captivate the reader, don’t just summarise the plot, instead look at what the staging is trying to achieve, consider different production aspects. Your review should have a beginning, middle and end, use this to guide your writing. Try to be concise and not to waffle. Think about your writing style and tone, you should voice your opinion, but at the same time offer constructive criticism. Remember, you can use your research on the background of the piece or company and highlight how the performance made you and others around you feel and say if you would recommend it to others.
If you write a review please do email us a copy to and let us know if you are happy for us to quote you on our website and publications.


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